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Complete Works of H. Emilie Cady : Lessons in Truth, How I Used Truth, and God a Present Help by H. Emilie CadyHARRIET EMILIE CADY (b. 1848) was a true holistic pioneer. As one of the first doctors of homeopathic medicine in New York City, this home-spun practitioner and metaphysician treated her patients medically and spiritually. Her unique approach was simple, clear and deeply rooted in her own experience. While Cady studied with renowned “New Thought” teachers of the day, she remained an unwaveringly spiritual independent. In this inspired volume, first published in 1916, she demonstrates that one’s life can be transformed by the power of thoughts and beliefs, while encouraging readers to find truth as it is written in one’s own heart and to apply these truths in every area of life.  (GoodReads summary)


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Atom-Smashing Power of Mind: Fillmore, Charles: 9781585093410: BooksThe 12 Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore

Each of us has 12 creative powers that are fundamental to us. These are aspects of our Divine nature. The notion that each of us holds the Divine within us, that we have a spiritual nature along with our humanity, is not new. But most of us don’t have a method for developing our spiritual capacities.

Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore, who was strongly influenced by the Transcendental movement, went on a committed spiritual search. It led him to Eastern spirituality, which he integrated with the Christianity of his upbringing. He created the 12-power system more than a century ago. Based on the reality of the divine spark within all people, Fillmore used the disciples of Jesus as exemplars of the 12 powers.

The 12 powers provide a system for soul growth. Our minds can be a link to Spirit through these 12 capacities: wisdom, love, strength, faith, imagination, order, understanding, will, power, zeal, release, and life itself. We can paint the life we want by focusing on, understanding, and cultivating these 12 spiritual powers.

Unity and World ReligionsUnity and World Religions” by Paul John Roach

The same spiritual principles run like a thread through most of the world’s religions. Indeed, they have been called the “golden thread” or “Perennial Philosophy.”

In this book, longtime Unity minister Paul John Roach connects Unity teachings with the ancient ideas found in the world’s religions. He elaborates on the five universal principles taught in Unity and shows how they are expressed through other faith traditions.

Roach includes Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, and Christianity to compare to Unity. He also writes about smaller traditions such as Sufism and Zoroastrianism and acknowledges lesser-known groups, even including Dudeism, based on the movie The Big Lebowski. (“The dude abides.”) Most sections include extensive quotes from the luminaries of each tradition.

This book is a treasure trove of ideas and stories about the many ways human beings relate to the Presence we all feel.



“Lessons in Truth: A Course of Twelve Lessons in Practical Christianity” is the core text on Unity Church teachings and it is one of the best representatives of New Thought philosophy. The spiritual models presented in Dr. Cady’s lessons show us how to enhance our confidence and inner power, and improve our spiritual development. Her first article, “Finding the Christ in Ourselves” was submitted to Charles & Myrtle Fillmore in October of 1891.  In the beginning of 1892, a series of articles titled Lessons in Truth by Dr. Cady were published in Unity magazine. This material later was compiled into a book and it was the first book Unity published. It is now the most widely read book in that movement and it has been translated into eleven languages and braille, and has sold over 1.6 million copies since its first publication.

Harriet Emilie Cady (1848-1941) was an American homeopathic physician and author of New Thought spiritual writings. She was inspired and influenced by Biblical teachings and the philosophy of Ralph Waldo Emerson. She was taught by Emma Curtis Hopkins, the New Thought “teacher of teachers” and a student of Christian Science. Cady was associated with several prominent figures in the New Thought movement of the time and Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of Unity Church.



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